If so, welcome to the family! Not sure of what to do next? Well here at Harvest we have a Discipleship Class, “THE BEGINNING”, a five week class. All you have to pay is $10 for your book. To sign up click here.




Baptism for Kids(5 yo – 11 yo)

Interested in having your child baptized at HFCC? Is your child asking questions about salvation or what it means to follow Jesus? Maybe you just want to get a head start as you guide your child’s spiritual journey.
Whatever the case may be, we’ve designed a process to help equip you to guide your child through this important time in their life. Click here for the baptism form. 


Believers’ Baptism

( 12 yo – Adult)

Here at Harvest Fields Community Church we believe that baptism is a visual and symbolic demonstration of a person’s faith in Jesus Christ. It signifies that his former way of life has been put to death and depicts the raising up of a new life committed to following Christ.
If you have decided to take this step and have signed up for water baptism please fill out the “Believers Baptism” form and download the Harvest 1-2-3 Workbook here


Baby Dedication

(New Born – 4 yo)


Baby dedication is not baptism and has nothing to do with salvation or forgiveness of sins. These are the result of a relationship with Jesus, a relationship that begins with a personal decision to follow Him. While you can guide your children and introduce them to Jesus, you cannot make this decision for them. Children must choose to follow Jesus on their own when they are old enough to understand what that decision means. Baby dedication is a time when you will gather with family and friends to make a promise before God to raise your children in a way that honors God and helps them come to know Jesus. Click here for the baby dedication form.