Want to Fast but don’t know how? Read below. 
What is Fasting? Fasting is voluntarily going without food — or any other regularly enjoyed, good gift from God — for the sake of some spiritual purpose.  The spiritual discipline of fasting releases the favor, blessing and anointing of God on your life.  If you are in need of a spiritual breakthrough or desire to get closer to God for guidance, fasting strengthens us spiritually by denying our flesh.
Why Fast? Fasting without a purpose or plan is simply going hungry or dieting.  What do you want to get out of it is something you should decide before you begin.  Deciding what to abstain from is also one of the choices you must make when preparing to fast. The other is about the type of fast you will undertake.  Here are recommended guidelines to follow when beginning a fast. 
Fasting For Beginners This is where most people start. Whether denying yourself food or some other pleasure, an occasional fast that lasts six, twelve, or twenty-four hours is the most manageable. Nevertheless, you must treat it with the same sincerity as a longer fast. It is not insignificant just because it is short. But it does allow you to move gently into the discipline and to let the Lord instruct you. You are not necessarily making a commitment to do this type of fast again, as it is a one-time fast for a specific purpose.
Advance Fasting Sunrise to Sunset Fast  This is when you willingly choose not to eat from when you wake up until you come home.  It’s recommended you drink liquids and spend at least an hour in prayer or reading the bible during lunch or in the morning or after work.  You are able to have one sensible meal in the morning or a night during this fast.  We recommend you eat at night. 
Daniel Fast The Daniel Fast is based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament Prophet. It’s a partial fast where some foods are eaten while others are restricted. Most people use this method of fasting for 21 consecutive days.   Food restrictions can be found @ http://www.daniel-fast.com
Liquid Fast This is when you abstain from all solid foods for an extended period of time.  Our church has committed itself to this fast for a period of 21 days (Beginning on January 6) This fast is challenging but also very rewarding. 


  1. This is a call to a fast for Harvest Fields Church.  There are 3 different types of fasts that you can choose from (Liquid Fast, Sunrise to Sunset Fast, The Daniel Fast).  When you fast this includes that you refrain from food, sweets, secular media (TV, secular radio), and social media.
  2. While you fast you NEED TO DRINK AT LEAST 1 GALLON OF WATER DAILY. Water is “your best friend”.  You also can have tea and juices (apple, orange, vegetable juice—stay away from the ones which have too much sugar)
  3. If you have to go to work or school I recommend you do the Daniel or Sunrise/Sunset Fast. This will help you get through the day and give you energy. 
  4. During your time at work/school during lunch get away from others and spend some time in prayer, read your Bible or meditate.
  5. If you are DIABETIC, pregnant or breastfeeding I recommend that you do the Daniel fast (just eating fruits and vegetables)
  6. If you have NEVER FASTED BEFORE… I recommend that you either do the Daniel or Sunrise/Sunset Fast.
  7. Things to do while you are on your fast: Pray (take time to pray and spend time in SILENCE before God), read the Bible (before you read ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you), come to the church for CORPORATE PRAYER (Wednesdays at 7pm) and listen or watch sermons online (YouTube). Some suggestions for people to listen to on YouTube are Tony Evans, Robert Morris, John Bevere, Lisa Bevere, Ron Carpenter, Steve Furtick, Miles Monroe, Jonathan Shuttlesworth, Jentezen Franklin or Joyce Meyers
  8. If you can take a nap during the day (it is good rest for your body, and you will need the energy)
The whole point of the fast is to get closer to God and discipline your body.  If you are not praying and just fasting… it is just a bad diet and unhealthy for your body.