Why Our Church

Harvest Fields Community Church is a denominationally unaffiliated church. It is our purpose to be unhampered by the restrictions and decisions of other churches or denominations that would determine the ministry and message of our church.
The mission of our church is to bring awareness of God’s Truth. If you wish to become a part of our church or a volunteer to help those in need, our community is awaiting you with our open hearts.
Here at Harvest we enjoy expressing our love for Christ through worship corporately. We enjoy the freedom found before His presences as we honor Him with thanksgiving and praise anticipating a great move of God

Mission Statement

Revealing God
Reaching People
Restoring Lives

Vision Statement

We believe that our ministry is the beginning of something new God desires to do in the Bronx. God has called us to function as a spiritual refuge for those who have been marginalized and hurt by life. Harvest is a place of new beginnings and second chances where we work together to heal and discover God’s purpose for our lives. We are committed to take this ministry beyond these four walls so we can serve our communities. We strive to engage a watching world through a lifestyle of worship.


Our Core Values

We desire to build a culture that honors God in all areas of life
We are free to be all God has called us to be.  Free to enjoy life
the way God intended


We invest in the lives of others. We share each other’s burdens and rejoice in each other’s victories. People are our priority


We are all a work in progress.  We allow the real us (Good/Bad/Ugly) to be shown


We speak into each other lives by remaining teachable, helping and supporting each other in a spirit of love


While we take God very serious we take time to enjoy each other and have FUN
We value and welcome all people

Pastoral Staff

Rev. Mitchell Torres
Lead Pastor
Rev. Marjorie Bishop
Associate Pastor
Min. Delores Burnette
Associate Pastor
Rev. Annette Cutino
Associate Pastor
Rev. Smirna Deleon
Outreach Pastor
Rev. Joseph Diaz
Associate Pastor
Rev. Harold Joseph
Associate Pastor


Rev. Alex Martinez
Associate Pastor
Rev. Evelyn Medina
Associate Pastor
Rev. Frank Morales III
Pastoral Care Pastor
Rev. Natalie Morman
Associate Pastor
Rev. Carlos Rivera
Associate Pastor
Rev. Justo Rodriguez Jr.
Associate Pastor
Rev. John Samuel
Associate Pastor


Joseph Diaz
Alex Martinez
Maria Rios-Pagan
Maylin Baucage
Norman Davis
Melissa Garcia
Sheila Robinson
Peggy Nichols
Amanda Pasch
Michael Castrillo
Steven Fews
Jelissa Toro
Jose Arce
Maritza Arce
Vilmarie Flores
Mark Ford
Deborah Glover
Kenneth Gulston Jr
Jaclyn Irizarry
Lynette Madera
Vanessa Washington


Mitchell Torres
Evelyn Cruz
Annette Cutino
Smirna DeLeon
Joseph Diaz
Frank Morales

Harold Joseph 

Delores Burnet
John Samuel


Elden Vasquez
Joseph Garcia
Deborah Glover
Maria Chachere
Bobby Santos
Amanda Pasha

Ministry Leaders

Jennifer Samuel
Tech Ministry
Natalie Ward
Hospitality Ministry
Anthony & Denise  Vicente 
Tony & Ana Mateo
Marriage Ministry
Bobby Santos
Men’s Ministry
Delores Burnette
Prayer Warriors
Joseph Diaz
Maria Rios-Pagan
Prison Outreach
Sandra Arias & Mario Castro
Usher Ministry
Leo & Dorene Perales
Security Ministry
Awilda Soto
Women’s Ministry
Harold Joseph
Young Adults Ministry
Cristina Quinones
Nancy Rodriguez
Christian Education
Russ & Eve White
R.O.Y. Children’s Ministry
Seb Rodriguez
Level Up Youth Leader
Chatoya Fludd
Resource Desk
Robinson & Marisol Torres
Altar Worker’s Ministry
Maria Chachere
Mission’s Ministry
Gary Coach
Worship Team
Amandah Pasha
Harvest Go Outreach

Office Staff

Mitchell Torres
Lead Pastor
Elden Vasquez
Vivian Melendez
Creative Director
Jessica Flores
Pastoral Care Pastor/Office Manager
Frank Morales
Pastoral Care Pastor/Office Manager
John Samuel
Associate Pastor
Gary Coach
Director of Music
Seb Rodriguez
Youth Director
Joseph Garcia
Facilities Manager